Arlington, Texas

On June 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer of the left breast and was told the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes under my left arm and that my breast as well as my lymph nodes would have to be removed. I was told I was to have radiation treatments afterward. They scheduled my surgery for October 21, 2005.

I came to see Dr. Craven on 8/29/05. I told her I was willing to do whatever was necessary to beat the cancer.
After an Iridology evaluation and other series of health assessments, Dr. Craven started me on an aggressive full-body detoxification and body-building program specifically designed to remove oxidative stress, produce energy and fight cancer. The program also involved Low-Level Cold-Laser Therapy to my breast and lymph nodes under my arm.

At times, before starting the Wellness Program with Dr. Craven, my breast hurt badly. The pain extended to my left shoulder and left side of my neck and I used to be tired all the time. I would go to bed tired and wake up tired. In a few days after starting detoxifying my body and receiving cold-laser treatments, I began to feel better. I had more energy and my breast hurt less. Sometimes, I felt stinging sensations and itching right after the cold-laser treatment, but produced no pain. There was improvement in the way my breast felt. Each-cold laser treatment were 45 minutes in duration and performed every other day.

The cold-laser therapy was easy. I just lied down on the treatment table and allowed the doctor to do the rest. However, the detoxifying and building part was hard to do, particularly with the change in diet and the constant elimination process, but my relentless cleansing and building efforts paid out. On 10/14/05, I underwent a procedure to find out if the cancer had spread even further, but to the doctors’ amazement, the cancer in the lymph nodes was no more and only my breast was affected. They removed the breast, but not the lymph nodes as previously told they would do. Moreover, no radiation treatments were needed, but was asked to take Tamoxiphen for 5 years, which I took for a short while, but, I was concerned about the side effects of the drug, so I stopped taking it. Rather, I am continuing detoxifying and building my body naturally, without drugs. Every time I do so, I feel better.

Various post-surgery examinations revealed no cancer anywhere. I attribute such success to having received cold-laser treatments and the effort put forth in detoxifying and building my body naturally. Such success was accomplished in just 1 1/2 months after starting the wellness program. I believe the results may have been even greater if I would have postponed the surgery and done more cold-laser therapies. However, I am very thankful to God for the results I got and for having giving me the foresight to proceed with natural cures, instead of drugs; and to Dr. Craven for helping me with this process.

Dallas, Texas

As far as I am concerned, Dr. Edna Craven is a miracle worker. When I first came to her I was experiencing excruciating headaches and neck ache. I had a constant pain in my right side as well. My regular doctor had given up and sent me to a neurologist to perform a CAT Scan. The neurologist had me on 4 different prescriptions and I was still experiencing the pain. After visiting Dr. Craven she stopped all the pain and also diagnosed the problem with the constant mucus drainage I was experiencing which allowed me to stop another prescription and I also have stopped having the problems with shortness of breath. Dr. Craven is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. I am truly blessed to have discovered her and recommend her services all the time.

Dallas, Texas

I was particularly impressed with Iridology accurately diagnosing the cause of my chronic fatigue. After undergoing a full body detoxification, proper nutrition and chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Craven, I am energetic and no longer have aches or pains. My back also feels 100% better. Dr. Craven’s thoroughness and gentleness greatly contribute to my speedy recovery.

Dallas, Texas

A friend suggested I see Dr. Craven for an Iridology reading because I had been feeling increasingly lethargic and gaining weight over the past year. Also, I had been to see a physician about pain in my side and after several tests it could not be identified as a treatable condition. The Iridology reading was helpful and lead us to more tests, which showed my main organs were much stressed. Dr. Craven prescribed herbs and set an eating plan as well as adjustments and massages. Within 2 weeks I noticed improvement; now at 6 weeks I have greatly increased my energy level, lost weight and improved my general well-being. I attribute our success to Dr. Craven’s optimistic personality and consistent encouragement.

Arlington, Texas

As a massage therapist, Dr. Craven’s thorough adjustments help keep my body and muscles in great shape for the work I do.

Arlington, Texas

Recently, I sustained back injuries as a result of being rear-ended by a drunk driver. When I visited Dr. Craven, she intently listened to my complaints and immediately began to resolve my back pain with chiropractic adjustments, cold-laser therapy & Ultrasound with Biofreeze treatments. After about 6 months of treatments, she has restored my physical health to pre-accident conditions. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Craven’s knowledge of alleviating back pain. During my course of my treatment, she educated me on proper sleeping and sitting positions, which have contributed to my healing. I would like for Dr. Craven to know that I appreciate her kindness and steady effort to see me pain free. I feel great! Kudos to you.

Irving, Texas

I came to see Dr. Craven because I was hurting on the bottom of my feet and I did not know why. Dr. Craven told me that my back was causing my feet to hurt. She fixed my back with adjustments and physical therapies and my feet quit hurting. Also, for a while, I could not sit down without my tailbone hurting. I could not figure out what was wrong and Dr. Craven fixed it. Now I can sit down without my rear end hurting. I used to be in constant pain. This is the best I felt in a long, long time. I particularly like her cold laser therapy because it takes the pain away. Presently, I still see Dr. Craven for other health concerns and every time I leave her office I feel great.

Euless, Texas

I am happy that Dr. Craven took me in because it was after office hours and she did not hesitate to open the doors because she saw I was in pain. I was injured at work. I fell on my knees and was in great pain that traveled to my low back all the way up to my neck. The paper work was immediately taken care of so that she could help me. She explained everything she was doing in a way that I could understand, which was very good. She applied cold laser therapy to ease the pain on my first visit. I was amazed; that little machine work! She continued treating me with cold laser therapies and chiropractic adjustments and after a few treatments I can walk, sit and go on with my daily activities easier.

Grand Prairie, Texas

I was having severe pain on the left side of my ribs for about 3 weeks in duration. I could not sleep nor sneeze without severe pain. I began to feel better with my first chiropractic treatment with Dr. Craven and after 2 weeks I was pain free. I can now sneeze and sleep without pain. Also, I have suffered from scoliosis for many years and have had severe upper back pain as a result. Dr. Craven prepared a treatment plan consisting of adjustments, physical therapies, exercises, nutritional support and dietary changes. She also recommended I change my pillow, and showed me how to sleep, sit and stand properly to avoid aggravating my condition. Since I started her program I feel much better and rarely feel pain on my back anymore. Dr. Craven has gone out of her way to help free my body of pain. This impressed me the most!

Mesquite, Texas

I am very glad that I was introduced and that I met Dr. Edna Craven and she became my friend. I have improved a lot in the way I feel. I learned a lot about my body and learned how to eat. I had not eaten well in 49 years. I am very impressed in how I am progressing. I wish I had met Dr. Craven 30 years ago and I think everyone should do her cleansing program, especially if you are sick and taking a lot of medications. It is up to you! I always heard of herbs and I liked Dr. Craven introducing me to them. What I like the most is that my headaches are gone. I have been taking aspirin for 30 years and now I don’t have to take anything, especially when I’m having my period. I don’t have to take anything. I no longer have PMS. Everyone should try her program, instead of taking a bunch of medicine that are not good for the heart or the liver.

Dallas, Texas

When I first came under the care of Dr. Craven, X-Rays showed that I had spurs in my spine and several subluxations due to my spine being out of alignment for a long time and also during the physical examination we discovered that I had shrunk in height. Sometime later after receiving Dr. Craven’s treatments, new X-Rays were taken which showed the spurs where in remission; that the back was aligned and I had regained 1/2″ in height. Also, due to Dr. Craven’s colossal knowledge of herbal treatments and her ability to diagnose what was occurring in my body through Iridology, my health has improved and been maintained. Dr. Craven’s Cold-Laser therapies have also helped take my knee pain away. I would recommend her to anyone in need of good healthcare.

Coppell, Texas

Dr. Craven helped put me on the path to recover. She gave me tools, health regimes and mental attitudes I needed to keep to move forward. She helped me feel good mentally and physically about my life and myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Craven to anyone who has health concerns. I could have not done it on my own, but with Dr. Craven’s help and encouragement I pulled through. She also gave me insights into what was actually occurring in my body. Through Iridology and Dr. Craven’s feedback, I have more knowledge of what is happening to my body than I had before. I have noticed best improvement in my mental capacity for recall and alertness and the ability to focus. I come to Dr. Craven feeling 65 years old and I leave her office feeling 25.

Arlington, Texas

I had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms and was unable to loose weight and I was not happy when I first came to see Dr. Craven. She performed an Iridology evaluation, studied my body fluids and did a comprehensive physical exam to get to the root of my health problems; then personalized my treatment plan. Since starting my treatments, the results have been outstanding. I am happy, lost weight and the symptoms of chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia subsided. Dr. Craven has helped me to understand I am responsible for my health. It is not about getting fixed; it is about gaining knowledge and putting it into practice and with Dr. Craven’s support I am now experiencing better health.

Carrollton, Texas

I had originally considered working with Dr. Craven to help me with my low energy, but soon after getting my initial Iridology exam, my face started breaking out in red, dry patches that I could not cover up. I knew I was ready to make some changes and get on a detox program. It was very challenging for me to make some of the changes with diet. It took a few weeks for me to shift from counting down the days to get through the program, to realizing that I had really changed my lifestyle. I started craving natural foods instead of junk foods and sugar. It took about 3 months for my skin to completely heal, and I have not had any more dry patches. Since going through the detox, I have lost 15 pounds, have more energy and have started a new phase of my life. I think clearing out old “toxins” has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be. I feel a totally different energy that allows me to connect with people rather than putting up barriers. I have met someone very special and I’m in a good relationship. I have started taking massage therapy classes to be able to transition into a more health-oriented career and I feel very positive about the future. Dr. Craven was a great guide and supporter through this process and was always there for me when I had a question or a problem. This detox process has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done.

Weatherford, Texas

I am able to go through my pregnancy without the common low back pain associated with pregnancy thanks to Dr. Craven’s thorough and gentle adjustments. Dr. Craven also helped me supplement my diet with the necessary nutrients for my body and my yet to be born child. I feel strong, healthy and more relaxed since seeing Dr. Craven. I would recommend her services to anyone needing good care.