“The Eyes Tell All”

Discover the underlying causes to ill health with an Iridology evaluation.

Eye Iridology is a method, which analyzes tissue conditions as reflexly indicated in the iris. The practitioner can tell from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings represent in detail the integrity of the body, its genetic strength, areas of congestion or toxic accumulations and inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Increasing evidence shows that nutritional deficiencies are associated with the onset of diseases. When the body is fatigued to the extreme, it cannot absorb the minerals, trace elements and electrolytes from foods as it should, starving the body and reducing its ability to repair and rebuild at the cellular level. With the loss of nutritional balance, disease walks in and makes itself known by a myriad of symptoms and a variety of diseases.

Iridology reveals the primary nutritional needs of your body, inherent weak organs, glands and tissues, genetic strength or weakness, what organ is in greatest need of repair and rebuilding, relative amounts of toxic settlements in organs, glands and tissues, stages of tissue inflammation and activity, where inflammation is located in the body, Liver/Gallbladder congestion, Cholesterol, underactivity or sluggishness of the bowel, spastic or ballooned or nervous condition or inflammation of the bowel, high risk tissue areas in the body that may be leading to disease, pressure on the heart, kidney weakness, circulation level in various organs, nerve force and nerve depletion, lymphatic congestion, poor assimilation of nutrients and digestive disturbances, relative ability of an organ, gland or tissue to hold nutrients, high or low sex drive, internalized tension on tissue structures, muscle cramping, healing signs indicating an increase of strength in an organ, gland or tissue, mucus buildup, acidity of the body, whether a particular program or therapy is working or not. Iridology will also show the workings of the Herings Law of Cure. You heal from within out, from the head down and in reverse order in which the symptoms appeared, and much more…

Iridology offers a unique perspective to the concept and practice of preventive medicine. It is difficult to alert a person of his or her future health problems using traditional methods of analysis. Traditional methods rely upon the appearance of clinical symptoms. Irises however, can reveal problems in their earliest inception, long before disease symptoms make their appearance. With this information, a health program can be developed which is tailored to the specific needs of the individual, thus preventing the manifestation of disease.

It is of great value to be able to determine from the outside of the body what is occurring within it. Iridology, offers a simple, painless, economical and non-invasive way of looking into the body.

Iridology can be used in conjunction with any other system of analysis or diagnosis.
Dr. Craven uses Iridology because it is accurate and less complex means of analyzing a person’s condition and because Iridology stresses the treatment of the person, not the disease. By identifying the underlying imbalances in the body that produce symptoms, it is an invaluable asset in the formulation of remedial therapies.

irid1.jpgWith this Iroscope, photograph of your irides are taken so that you can keep track of important changes that may be occurring in your body while undergoing a Wellness Program. The after photographs will reveal when you have freed your body of underlying causes of ill health.