Weight Management

Weight Loss
Do you love to eat? Have you struggled to lose weight for a long time? Do you find yourself wondering where fiction ends and fact begins when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds? The truth is, there is no miracles or shortcuts to losing weight. However, one thing is certain: CRASH DIETING for permanent weight loss doesn’t work for most people.

Calorie restrictions? The fact is that people who struggle with excess weight could be consuming fewer calories than thinner people. Because in the long run calorie counting may lower the body’s metabolism, focusing on calorie restriction can actually work against weight loss.

We used to believe that the body didn’t distinguish one type of calorie from another – that it used all types of calories in the same way. This belief has been proven false. What we know now is the body has a hard time storing carbohydrate as fat, whereas dietary fats are much harder for the body to use as energy. Complex carbohydrates actually promote thermogenesis, whereas dietary fats slow metabolism. In a nutshell, fats and highly processed foods are more likely to make us fat.

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
If you are serious about losing weight, getting in shape, feeling better, increasing your energy and improving your overall health, this program is for you! It is an exciting, revolutionary and comprehensive weight-loss program which enhances the body’s ability to burn fat and produce energy (thermogenesis), helps suppress appetite by supporting the central nervous system leaving you with a feeling of fullness; stimulates fat metabolism, nourishes the digestive and glandular systems; gently cleanses the body of toxic buildup; supports the body while cleansing; allows your body to absorb less fat by trapping fat from the food you eat and removing it from the body before it enters the blood stream; increases your metabolism and burn more fat for fuel; supports the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and move glucose into the muscle cells; helps support the body’s weight-control mechanism while also aiding the urinary and digestive systems; helps inhibit the body’s ability to turn excess carbohydrates into fat and supports thermogenesis without the use of ma-huang. It enables the liver to more effectively produce glucose and glycogen stores, which may lead to decreased hunger and increased energy.

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